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Today’s companies are faced with a volatile economy, rapidly changing markets, and workforce demographics that challenge business and operational models. Consulting and staffing firms have been similarly challenged. Talent and services viewed as consultative and highly valued one year are commoditised and turned into staffing the next.

International companies need efficient and up to date advice on the changing business environment and legislative amendments which may affect their operations and organisation structure

Our business advisory services include;

•     Market Entry Strategy for a new business company
•     Company incorporation in UAE 
•     Franchise development
•     Assistance in regulatory compliances
•     Financial feasibility studies
•     Business restructuring
•     Planning for Family Owned Businesses

Elite Cube JV has extensive experience in developing Franchise models for local and international brands. We add value to the business development of any brand by creating an opportunity to Franchise their business to investors which helps them to create new territories for their brands. Our Franchise Development Model covers the following aspects:

Franchise Strategy:
Franchise Structure including Franchise Owner Profile, Type of Franchise offered, Territory definition, Support Programs, and Internal Staffing. Franchise Revenue Sources including Initial Franchise Fee, Royalties, Advertising Franchise Business and Financial Plan

Operations Analysis:
Initial Analysis and Outline
On Site Analysis
Franchise Operations Manual

Marketing and Sales Plan:
Franchise Sales Proposal
Online Marketing Plan
Website and Mobile Application development
Development of Sales Methodology for Franchise

Our Feasibility Studies are tailored to the specific needs of the clients and are prepared by an experienced team of consultants in Dubai. As feasibility study consultants we assess;
•    Market Entry Strategies
•    Business Modeling
•    Economic Outlook
•    Market Outlook
•    Cost Analysis
•    Consumer Behavior (Needs and Demands)
•    Supply Chain and Distribution strategies
•    Financial projections
•    Business and Marketing Strategies

We proudly provide our Feasibility Studies for new ventures, business opportunities or acquiring of new companies to analyse the product/ business and the market for such a business venture.

Feasibility Studies includes the following:

1. Market Study
It includes the assessment of Target Market for such products including Market outlook, Competitors Analysis, Consumer Behavior, Product Positioning, SWOT, and Strategies to enter the market. SMC conducts Market analysis by having an analysis of the data available with the open sources. We also advise our client on the innovative Marketing Strategies for their product/ business in order to maximise the outcome of a Marketing campaign.

2. Business Plan
It includes the detailed Business Plan for such business venture including the Start Up/ Acquisition requirements with an outlook on the legal aspects in general. Human Resource requirements, Supply Chain and Distribution and Operational Requirements. In depth Business Plan provides key references to our client to execute the business operations as per the guidelines highlighted in the Business Plan.

3. Financial Projections and Analysis
This includes preparing the initial investment value, driving the revenue from different streams, calculating Unit Value, calculating Variable Expenses, Operational/ Fixed Expenses. These are calculated based on the assumptions undertaken during the feasibility studies. Report shall include Profit and Loss Account, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow Statement for the five (5) years. We go a level above the client expectations with our Financial Projections and presents the client with the Best Case, Worst Case and Average Case scenarios to showcase all possible outcomes.


We show all kinds of financial service providers how to identify and seize the many exciting, dynamic growth opportunities in front of them. We work with our clients to understand and strengthen their customer relationships; enhance the customer experience and build strong brand leadership.

We understand that a variety of factors and tensions come into play when you’re dealing with complex transactions. Whether you’re making an acquisition, forming a strategic alliance, raising or investing capital or releasing funds through a sale or restructuring, you need advice that is sound, practical and innovative.

Our extensive industry and consulting expertise enable us to deliver impact to our clients in five key areas:

Investment strategy
Risk management
Exit strategy
Financial modelling & analytics
Financial marketing & investor relations

Providing Bank Instruments (BG /SBLC)

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