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Invest Fundraising Risk free Just relax.
We explain everything !

It’s like a dish cooked in a star restaurant. Forget the classic principles of investments: private equity, venture capital, bond issues, …

All these solutions work perfectly, that’s not the discussion.

But there are other solutions, which require the investor to have a large financial surface, certainly, but which guarantee that this financial surface is only used to generate additional funds, invested in the project we are presenting. This solution is the PPP.

It is important to understand that the investor does not commit to the duration of each project presented.

He is only committed to the duration of the investment contract that is proposed.

This duration is a maximum of 40 weeks.

Moreover, its commitment is, in terms of risk management, very low. Indeed, its role is to act as collateral in the structuring of investment operations. Thus, if it mobilises its resources for the duration of its commitment, these resources are NEVER subject to a risk of capital loss.

Thus, the sectors of activity in which these operations are possible are :

  1. the food industry in general: better eating, …

  2. the improvement of the environment and the fight against pollution

  3. the improvement of the habitat and the better living

  4. renewable or low consumption energies

The following projects (the list is not exhaustive) are examples of projects eligible for this form of financing.

Once again, it is important to understand that PPP is a financial tool, perfectly regulated and controlled.

Unfortunately, a lot of false information is circulating in this field and as we are talking about money, a lot of swindlers and ill-intentioned people are proposing solutions that always make the project owner or the investor lose money.

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