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BIMEX Nordic gives you and your business the best opportunity. Fill out our request form or contact us via e mail or by phone today. Our professional team will guide you through the whole process. No additional cost no hidden fees.

Our main objective is make you save your time and effort to reach out the correct supplier and make sure that you receive your product on time and in perfect condition as you wish. At the same time we also make our farmers and factories save time and energy to find the correct and loyal customers. We build a solid bridge between the parties and in order to get every step of the business work perfectly.

Our members supplies various kinds of commodities such as, chicken, processed chicken meat, fish, beef, processed beef, organic fruits, organic vegetables and various foods, nuts, spices, fruits, vegetables, flour, pasta, macaroni, dried fruits, canned food, canned vegetables, dried vegetables, honey, olive oil, sunflower oil, vegetable oil, frozen vegetables, frozen fruits, beverages, pet food, milk products, sugar and more.

Our platform is one of the largest and the only platform where you can find that many numbers of suppliers gathered in one place. Our supplier network keeps growing every day and soon will be added several hundreds more. We due diligence all our suppliers very strictly before joining our platform in order not to face any unwanted issues when it comes to deliver the goods. As you are aware that the prices refer to season, quantity and the product itself but no matter what we guarantee you the best price that you can ever get in Turkish market.

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