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BIMEX Nordic Health care or healthcare is the maintenance or improvement of health via the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of disease, illness, injry, and other physical and mental impairments in human beings. Health care is delevered by health professionals (proficers or practitioners) in allied health fields.


BIMEX Nordic Trade offers in normal times: A series of masks adapted to the hospital environment such as 3M Respiratory protection masks interned for health professionals of the FFP1, FFP2, and FFP3 type.

Theses offer increasing degrees of filtration and protection in compliance with the EN149 standard. These are personal protective equipment (PPE) which protect the carrier from influenza viruses such as A / H1N1, tuberculosis or SARS. 

BIMEX Nordic Trade also offers surgeon masks that prevent contamination of the patient and the sterile environment, as well as LCH visitor masks (non-ster(ile).


THF high elastic 3 folds medical masks
Type 2, have 3 plies including 1 microfiber filter, 2 elastic loops (latex free).
Unique size.
Color Blue / White
Dimensions of the unfolded mask: 180 x 175 mm.
Total length of the straps: 825 mm.
Efficiency over time: 5 hours of use.
Surgical masks are indicated in:- prevention of cutaneous-mucous contact with biological fluids- reducing the emission of droplets to the environment and the environment.
The surgical mask also protects the wearer against agents that can be transmitted by “droplets”.
EN 14683: 2006 evaluates the effectiveness of the filter material in the direction of expiration.
There are 4 types of surgical masks:
type I, type II, type IR and type IIR masks:
- Type I = EFB (Bacterial filtration efficiency)> 95%
- Type II = EFB> 98%
- Type R = splash resistant
A respiratory protection mask protects the wearer against agents that can be transmitted by air.
It is also indicated for the prevention of infections transmitted by aerosols emitted during invasive procedures such as bronchial endoscopies.
A respiratory protection mask:
- is personal protective equipment (PPE) and
- meets European directive 89/686 / EEC.
EN 149: 2001 assesses the effectiveness of a disposable mask to protect against inhalation of aerosols.
This standard was amended in 2009 and now bears the name:
EN 149: 2001 + A1: 2009.
With this new standard, masks are further classified into:
- reusable (R marking)
- non-reusable (NR marking)
There are 3 performance classes:
Class FFP1: Maximum filter penetration (20%) - Maximum total leakage (22%)
Class FFP2: Maximum filter penetration (6%) - Maximum total leakage (8%)
Class FFP3: Maximum filter penetration (1%) - Maximum total leakage (2%)
Instructions: Carefully read any instructions.
This medical device complies with standard EN 14683/2005 and European directive 93/42 / CEE, origin Turkey.
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