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As BIMEX Nordic together with UC Design and AKALIN Ltd, set out to change your life, add meaning and carry you to a different point. We hope to take your steps with you, color your breathing spaces and diversify your way.
Regardless of which area you are in, the question you will be asked to achieve success is common; What should I do differently? At this point, the idea that you can capture ideas that will put you in a separate place from your peers may occupy your mind. Change is an indispensable element for renewal. Change is a key expression for art and design, especially in every aspect of modern life. In interior design, a design discipline, change is continuous and comes with creativity. If you steal the right door, it’s easy to reach the needs of modern life.

We provide turn-key solutions for your hotel, cafe, home, office, and real estate. Our professional design team meets your requests and offers the best solution for your concept. We guide and advise you through the project and deliver your project with a perfect finish. We design, built and deliver.

Thorough out the years, We successfully delivered well-known air-port launches, cafes, hotel lobbies, company meeting rooms, private residences, villas, shopping mall launches, shops many more worldwide. 


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