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Meet Our Brands

BIMEX Nordic has several brands under its umbrella. We work together with the best manufacturers all around the world and supply our customers with the best quality products worldwide. We have brands in different sectors such as food, construction materials and retail. Meet our brands and companies below.

BIMEX Nordic is our main distributing company where we mainly operate all our business transactions from. BIMEX Nordic A/S has a very important role in decision making, contract signing, as well as invoicing and following all business transactions in all branches and brands. When you do business with our group you will be dealing with BIMEX Nordic at the first place. The HQ is located in Istanbul and the branch office is located in Ankara Turkey. You can contact BIMEX Nordic  for all your requirements and questions. Our professional team is ready to help you at all time.


H&K Cement is our private label brand. We deliver cement worldwide to our customers and project partners. We can supply cement year around and meet all your requirements. If you are a cement producer, you can try our new innovation and save 30 to 40 percent of your production cost without compromising your product quality. We have various type of cement for different works and we deliver in various packaging options. If you want to have your own private label brand, you are at right place. We also provide scrap meta and construction rebars.



H&K FOOD  is our private label brand in food branch. We deliver various food products worldwide to our wholesalers. We can supply our products year around and meet all your requirements. If you are a whole seller and looking for quality and affordable products we are ready to fulfil your requirements.  We deliver in various packaging options. If you want to have your own private label brand, you are at right place. We have Sunflower Oil, Flour, Pasta, Rice, Sugar, Frozen or Fresh Chicken, Coffee, Cacao, Canned Food, Nuts. Contact us for more information and to get an offer.


We provide international wholesale import and export services in TECHNOLOGY & FOOD & HEALTH products by integrating new technology and health technologies together with production facilities and partner firms. Our company has developed its work in this area and has continuously renewed itself by accepting the basic principle of contributing to the healthy life of mankind with its wide range of products offered by our service. The strength of customers’ satisfactions that we got from our work partners and you our dear customers about our products which are our competitiveness, high quality and early delivery in Turkey and throughout the UK, Germany, Italy, France, Canada, Russia, Switzerland, China, Middle East market make us to be proud. We thank you for your support and your confidence in health philosophy and understanding that you are giving us in every business.

BEE TRENT LOGO 3.001.jpeg

BII TREND is our retail platform where we have wide range trendy retail products from many suppliers all around the world. BII TREND delivers products regardless of your geographical position. Trendinhand might look like a new company but grows rapidly every passing day. We target end users worldwide with our effortable price range and wisely selected quality products.

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